bridge1 [brij]
[ME brigge < OE brycge < IE base * bhrū, log, beam, hence wooden causeway]
1. a structure built over a river, railroad, highway, etc. to provide a way across for vehicles or pedestrians
2. a thing that provides connection, contact, or transition [a common language is a bridge between cultures]
a) the upper, bony part of the nose
b) the curved bow of a pair of eyeglasses fitting over the nose
a) a thin arched, usually wooden support on the belly of violins, lutes, guitars, etc. over which the strings are stretched
b) a similar support for the strings of a piano, harpsichord, etc.
5. an overhead framework across sets of railroad tracks, for carrying signals; gantry
6. a raised structure on a ship, usually in the forward part, from which it is controlled while underway
7. a dividing partition for keeping fuel in place in a furnace or boiler
8. Billiards
a) a position of the hand when it is functioning as a support and guide for the cue in making a shot
b) a device consisting of a notched transverse piece attached to the end of a cue having the same function
10. Dentistry a fixed or removable mounting for a false tooth or teeth, attached to a real tooth or teeth
11. Elec. a device used primarily in measuring resistances, frequencies, etc., by comparing the effect of the unknown element with that of known or standard elements in the circuit
12. Music a connecting passage between two sections of a composition
bridged, bridging
1. to build a bridge on or over
2. to provide a bridge, connection, transition, etc. across or between
designating or of products priced between the least expensive and the premium [a bridge line]
burn one's bridges behind one or burn one's bridges
to commit oneself to a course from which there is no retreat
bridge2 [brij]
[earlier (1886) biritch, “Russian whist,” altered after BRIDGE1; game and name ? of Russ orig.]
any of various card games, for two pairs of players, that developed from whist; esp., CONTRACT BRIDGE: see also AUCTION BRIDGE

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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